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by darrenbailey8844


Essay requirements:

  • Statement of the problem

  • Presenting your own point of view

  • Argumentation with facts

  • Theoretical justification

  • Use of terms

  • Use of quotations

  • Presentation of different points of view

  • Independence and individuality

  • Logicality

  • Use of comparison and generalization

  • Literacy

Algorithm of essay writing:

1. Choose the closest and most understandable topic, in the disclosure of which you can show your knowledge, erudition, creativity.

2. Formulate the meaning of the onlineclasshelp reviews. It means that it is necessary to remember the material on the designated problem, to write out a number of concepts with which it is possible to work within the framework of the given topic. It is necessary to highlight the main idea and determine within which topic or section the reasoning will follow.

Make an outline of the essay in free form, i.e., give free rein to everything that "wants" to be written, including concepts, contradictions, associations, quotations, theses, examples, opinions, arguments of scientific and everyday character, names, events, underwritten thoughts...

3. articulate one's position on an issue and viewpoints on it. Apply the words:

"It should be considered true that...", "It can be refuted by the fact that...", "One can (not) agree with the author that...", "It seems true at first sight...", "It is refuted by the fact that...", etc.

Theoretically justify your position.

Explain his/her position by applying theoretical, scientific knowledge of the topic, correctly using necessary terms and concepts. The use of quotations or references to the words of famous scientists, comparison of different points of view on the given problem to strengthen your position is welcomed.

5. Provide concrete examples to support your position. The example should be concrete, i.e. describing a specific situation with a specific actor.

Examples (at least 2-3) should be given using existing knowledge of history, social studies, literature, and other sciences. Examples should support the position chosen, not contradict it.

6. Summarize all of the above: "Thus, the given scientific statements (points of view accepted in science, theories, data, etc.), examples, confirm that ...

7. Complete the reasoning with your point of view.

The most common mistakes made:

Not disclosing the problem being raised.

Not expressed in my own position.

No theoretical reasoning.

The terms used are introduced incorrectly, illiterately.

Examples contradict the stated position of the essay's author.

No generalization.

Logic and coherence of the presentation are violated.

The essence of the problem is misunderstood.

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